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May 2023 Newsletter

Read the Katen recap, attend the Ikenobo Workshop on Sunday, April 16, 2023, and get the voting results for the next Chapter President.

Los Angeles Chapter #4

May 2023 Newsletter

The April workshop was a success, despite some last-minute changes in timing. Thank you, everyone, for the support. This year, Southern California has experienced abundant rain and cooler-than-usual days, even in April. Luckily the weather is still mild enough for Ikebana.

This month's newsletter a recap of the April Ikenobo Workshop; get details on the Sogetsu Workshop on Sunday, May 21, 2023, see a sketch from the Katen, learn who’s on the upcoming IILA Board, remember to renew your IILA membership and more.


Fukuyo Tanaka


Ikenobo SGV Workshop 🌸

On April 16, 2023, Tina Sensei from the Ikenobo San Gabriel Valley CA Chapter gave a workshop on Ikenobo Free Style arrangement at the USC Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena. At the beginning of the seminar, Tina Sensei pointed out that to adapt to the need of the modern environment, Ikenobo Headquarters has introduced a new freestyle arrangement. It provides students with clear guidance on the approach to arranging it. She also explained the characteristic of the freestyle, which is unrestrained and has no traditional rules. Additionally, it comes from one's mood. There are two types of freestyle design: free expression and non-free expression. However, the vase is the central part of the arrangement.

Tina Sensei further divided flower materials into 1) point, 2) line, 3) surface, and 4) mass because of their appearance. The workshop's theme is to show the expression of the Line with free expression. She broke down Line into three forms:

1) Vertical form- Form that suggests upward and downward movement

2) Slanting form- Form that suggests both upward and downward but in an incline angle

3) Horizontal form- Form that suggests movement to the left and right direction

These three forms are not to be considered rules or set patterns like those found in Shoka or Rikka. Instead, they are primary forms to help bring out the characteristics of plant materials when creating an arrangement.

During the workshop, Tina Sensei demonstrated the above three forms of freestyle arrangement. Everyone agreed they had learned much and appreciated Tina Sensei's explicit instructions for the freestyle arrangement.

An Amazing Sketch 🌼

At last month's Katen flower exhibition, I witnessed a delightful surprise. During the Ikenobo SGV's demonstration, an artist showed up and drew a picture of Ms. Cindy Yu's ikebana. I would like to present it here for your enjoyment.

Sogetsu SFV Workshop 🌸

On Sunday, May 21, 2023, at 11:00 am, at the USC Pacific Asia Museum, located in Pasadena, CA, attend a workshop facilitated by the Sogetsu School of San Fernando Valley Branch: Cindy Utsinger. In this workshop, Cindy-sensei will demonstrate how to make a Sogetsu-style Ikebana using both fresh and unconventional materials ( honeycomb packing paper and fresh flowers ). Read a profile about Cindy here >>

RSVP Registration Closed on Wednesday, May 17, 2023.

Announcing The Next Chapter Leadership

We have some exciting news to share regarding the upcoming chapter board. Katey Ho, a former chapter vice president and current member, will lead our leadership team beginning July 1, 2023. Supporting her on the board will be:

  • Vice President of Programming: Alfredo Valenzuela

  • Secretary: Armando Argandona

  • Hospitality Committee: Cynthia Conant, Hong Zhou

  • Treasury Committee: Julie Wolfe, Jessica Tang

  • Website Committee: Hong Zhou, Katey Ho

Thank you for representing our chapter for the next two years.

Membership Renewal by June 15, 2023 🤟

Your membership is up for renewal soon, and we kindly request that you renew it by Thursday, June 15, 2023, so we can send your information to Japan promptly. We understand that life can get hectic, and things may slip your mind, but we want to ensure that you take advantage of all the fantastic benefits of being a chapter member. To make payment more accessible, we've created an online form and have set up Paypal. However, if you prefer to register offline, please find the attached application form, print it out, and send it by mail.

Thank you for your continued membership with us.


June is the last event for the current board members and myself. I would like to thank all workshop facilitators, everyone who participated in the demonstrations, and the general membership for supporting me over the past two years. Also, I want to recognize all the board members, advisors, and committee members who have dedicated countless hours to our chapter to help make this year's unique programming possible: Leonard Brinkers, Valeria Brinkers, Cynthia Conant, Jann Gustafson, Michiyo Namakura, Emily Tanaka, Hong Zhou.

As I have said many times before, leading demonstrations and workshops at our Ikebana International Chapter is an excellent opportunity for everyone to practice in a safe and accepting environment. I hope that you continue to take on the challenge of leading a demonstration or workshop without hesitation, taking it as a good opportunity to practice your craft.


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