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Oshogatsu by Haruko Takeichi

Sogetsu Ikebana Flower Arrangements by Celebrating the New Year

Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter #4 (IILA) is delighted to present you this online presentation in collaboration with Haruko Takeichi (Flower Name:  Gyokushun) from Sogetsu Ikebana Los Angeles Branch. Today, you will see Takeichi-sensei and her amazing creative team create four large and one room-sized Sogetsu Ikebana works of art in celebration of Japanese New Year!

Originally Takeichi-sensei was scheduled to be the featured guest at the 2022 IILA Annual New Year's Luncheon that was postponed a month, then eventually cancelled.  Like many of you IILA President, Fukuyo Tanaka (Ikenobo LA)  had been waiting months for this presentation and did not want outside forces preventing us from enjoying the demonstration. It was decided that a video presentation can be created with the goal to share it online. Very quickly both these ladies gathered their teams to switch gears to make this happen.

Let's get our "New Year's Luncheon" snacks and beverages together. If you are gathered with your IILA & Sogetsu friends, send us photos from your event. Now, let's simultaneously make a toast to lots of good things anticipated to come and kan-pai (cheers) to "Friendship through Flowers" and enjoy the show! Oshogatsu Omedeto!

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Haruko Takeichi is an interior designer in the Southern California area. She has been practicing the art of Ikebana for over 35 years. In 1980, she began studying Sogetsu school Ikebana under Shunyo Okinaka. Takeichi-sensei received the first-degree grandmaster qualification for teaching Sogetsu style in 1989 and began teaching in Santa Ana, Irvine, Torrance and Los Angeles. She holds the highest rank of "Riji” of Teachers Association at Headquarter in 2007. You can experience her Ikebana works at hotels across Southern California and at area museums.

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Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter #4, the fourth Ikebana International Chapter established outside of Tokyo, Japan. This all volunteer led chapter has fostered “Friendship through Flowers” in Los Angeles County since 1957. Today we have over 70 dedicated members, including many talented teachers from across the greater Los Angeles County basin and Southern California. Our members enjoy the benefits of special events, workshops, demonstrations, exhibiting at the L.A. County Arboretum and much more. We invite you to become a member,  join us at our next public event and learn more about the beautiful art of Ikebana.

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Film Credits


This Video was Sponsored by
Ikebana International Los Angeles, Chapter #4
Haruko Takeichi (
Sogetsu LA)
Fukuyo Tanaka (IILA & Ikenobo LA)

Filmed & edited by Javier Hernandez Kistte

Narrator - Ravi Gunewardena (Sogetsu LA)

Floral Assistants
Norma McDonaugh (
Sogetsu LA) - Design Coordinator
Meg Shimizu (
Sogetsu LA) - Promotion and Internet Coordinator
Devika Wijesinghe (
Sogetsu LA) - Technical Coordinator
Dan Usami (
Sogetsu LA) - Technical Support

Additional Support
Michiyo Nakamura (II
LA & Sogetsu LA)
Eddie Takayuki Tanaka
Emily Kiwa Tanaka
Timothy Katsuaki Tanaka

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