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Join us for our June Sogetsu workshop, demonstration and sayonara party at the Arboretum! Sahshah "Ko Sen" Middleton, Sogetsu Ikebana first grade Riji from Northern California, will lead us to create an ikebana arrangement using zip-ties. 

Sahshah was born in Singapore and began studying Sogetsu ikebana at the age of seven. As a teen, she interned at the Singapore Botanical Gardens and worked in floral shops and hotels, including the Raffles Hotel as resident designer. She is a graduate of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Since arriving in the US in 1976, she has worked for many florists in the Bay Area, participated in county fairs, and is active in several garden clubs. She is a member of OFAD (Organization of Floral Designers,) FURU, and many plant societies. She has been the flower show manager for the San Francisco County Fair and belongs to several garden clubs. She currently serves as the Floral Designer for the San Francisco Landscape and Garden Show in Sacramento.

"My philosophy is that we need to connect with plants and flowers. They speak a calm and delicate language, and if you listen, it will tell you where they want to be in an arrangement. We do not want to duplicate nature but strive to advance it with our imagination and creative thought. Hopefully, the skills we have learned, and the insight we have gained into the verity of the materials, will allow us to achieve our vision and express our art.”

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