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2023 03 • Katen - Annual Ikebana Exhibition



The 65th Annual Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter #4 Katen Spring Flower Exhibition was eventful.

On the third weekend of March 2023, we hosted an exhibition of more than 40 ikebana artworks by five schools, and together we delighted over 400 attendees. Thank you to our guests, members, presenters, artist vendors, volunteers, and board members who helped make the weekend a success.

This year, the Katen was held at the USC Pacific Asia Museum because, through June, they are hosting Chapter programming while the LA County Arboretum upgrades its main entrance area.

On Friday, March 17, 2023, our members gathered in the museum's parking lot and courtyard to have their bento lunch from Azai in Little Tokyo. We had a delayed start to wait for a visiting school to clear the grounds, but it gave us all a longer chance to chat. When the museum was ready, our membership could begin their Ikebana and continue our conversations. I'm grateful to our teacher members for supporting our beginner members.

We held a grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, March 18, 2023, to celebrate our 65th. Katen. I would like to thank Mr. Kenko Sone, Consul General of Japan, and Dr. Bethany Montagano, Director of USC Pacific Asia Museum, for joining us. After touring the exhibit, they gathered with the IILA board in the courtyard for a lovely picnic lunch. At 1:00 pm, the demonstration presentation began with Michiyo Nakamura from Sogetsu Los Angeles Branch. The Ikenobo San Gabriel Valley Branch members joined us to share different styles of Ikenobo Ikebana. They included: Shoka by Jennifer Ko, Rikka Shofutai by Monica Lu, Rikka Shimputai by Cindy Yu, and Freestyle by Yu Yu Lin.

On Sunday, March 19, 2023, Dr. Errison Thompson from Sangetsu School came from Brazil and gave a Sangetsu Ikebana demonstration. Mr. Thompson surprised me with his proficiency in Japanese. With an interpreter, everyone had a great time. He made five freestyle arrangements, including a tulip garden, and he used the Allium as fireworks to celebrate the Katen.

Throughout the weekend, the museum courtyard gave guests a preview of their experience ahead. The four large ikebana arrangements were completed by:
+Dr. Errison Thompson - Sangetsu School Brazil
+Kaz Kitajima - Sogetsu School Los Angeles Branch.
+Camile Van Ast & Students - Sogetsu School San Fernando Valley Branch
+Jann Gustafson, Lisa B. Cosand, and Jeff Rothenbach - Sogetsu School San Fernando Valley Branch

Much gratitude must be extended to our ceramic artist Charlene Nomura and artist Mas Ojima who helped draw visitors to the Multi-purpose Room on both days. Thank you for supporting our event each year with your work at the Katen

The Country Donation-Based Store and the mini-Ikebana walkup workshop was managed by dedicated volunteers this year. Thank you to everyone who supported these two activations. We still have a selection of note cards/postcards available for a $1 donation each. Let me know in your email reply if you want some.

There are so many photos this year thanks to Joanne Wilborn and Ms.Marlyn Woo supported our Chapter for three days. Glen Gustafson also took pictures for us on Sunday and videoed the 1’oclock Demonstration.

Cite the photographer’s name and include the event name,65th Annual Katen by Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter #4, when publishing, sharing, or printing the photos.
You can also download and use your works and portraits
+The folders include the corresponding photographer's name
+The photographers are Joanne Wilborn, Marlyn Woo, and Glen Gustafson


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