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Katen at the Arboretum in Arcadia, CA - March 2022

The annual Katen by Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter 4 was a glorious way to celebrate the commencement of Spring. It was a joy gathering with everyone after a three-year hiatus. Visit our Schools page if you were inspired by the Katen experience and want to learn Ikebana. 


This event would not be possible without the support and friendship of our membership and countless volunteers, thank you. 


We appreciate everyone who was able to join us at the LA County Arboretum. Enjoy videos and photos from the weekend below.

Video Recap

1) Video Recap

Watch a video recap of the exhibition by CineluxStudio - Glen and Jann Gustafson.

Katen Floral Exhibition

Forty-nine people exhibited their Ikebana arrangements over the March 19 and March 20 weekend. There were several group works and large masterpieces to draw the eye around the room. Arboretum visitors who came to the exhibition enjoyed browsing and many participated in making and taking home a mini-ikebana arrangement.

Remember to credit the photographer (Glen & Jann Gustafson,  Danny & Yumei Lu, or Marilyn Woo) if you share their images. Don’t forget to tag @IkebanaInternationalLosAngelesChapter4 if you share them on Facebook so we can like your artwork.

2) Katen Floral Exhibition
3) Ohara Demo

Ohara Demonstration

The demonstration by Ohara Ikebana School of Los Angeles was held on Sunday, March 20, 2023.  The room was filled with over 100 people. Thank you Satsuki Palter, Katey Ho, Theresa Lin, and Mayumi Onami for sharing the unique qualities of Ohara Ikebana and for making arrangements that celebrated the beauty of spring.

Country Store

This year the Country Store was dedicated to our beloved friend Tiiu. Thank you to Cynthia Conant for assembling all the items and donating $2,000 in Tiiu Parli Harunk’s memory. Thank you, also, to Jose Salcedo and Armando Argandona who moved all of Tiiu’s vases, containers, kenzans, II magazines and calendars from Cynthia’s home to the Arboretum. We also want to recognize Michiyo Nakamura and Jann Gustafson for overseeing the area by the entrance.  If you are new to our Chapter you can read about Tiiu in this remembrance >>​

Mini Ikebana Workshop 

The hands-on mini ikebana workshop returned this year to great success. Thank you to Hong Zhou, Joyce Tanaka, Valeria Brinkers, and Jann Gustafson for helping to cut flowers and introduce Ikebana to the participants. 

Ceramic Artists

This year two amazing ceramic artists were able to join us for the pottery sale, Roy Kunisaki and Osamu Ojima. Larn more about each artist by visiting their websites. 

Ikebana Photo Celebration

Thank you Leonard Brinkers for creating the video streaming in the background of the exhibition throughout the weekend. This film was created for our annual Luncheon. We were lucky to have the opportunity to share this compilation of past Ikebana International Los Angeles, Chapter #4 Katens and events. Enjoy it here. 

Aryes Hall - LA County Arboretum 

Many thanks to the entire Los Angeles County Arboretum staff , volunteers and wildlife for sharing their space with us and making all participants feel so welcome. 

Friday Setup Day

Setting up the exhibition on Friday, March 18, 2022 was a lovely day filled with positive energy that allowed members to make their arrangements together harmoniously.


  • You can see photos from the setup below and on our Facebook page here >>

  • Also watch this video compilation by Leonard Brinkers

Friday Setup Day

See You Next Time!

Find out when the next Katen is by becoming a member or visiting our Upcoming Events page

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