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Sunday, April 16, 2023 - Ikenobo Ikebana Workshop

Dear Ikebana International Los Angeles, Chapter No. 4 Members and Friends,

On Sunday, April 16, 2023, at 10:30 am, at the USC Pacific Asia Museum, located in Pasadena, CA, attend a workshop by Ikenobo San Gabriel Valley California Chapter and facilitated by Tina Fu-Ting Yang Sensei. She will demonstrate how to make a freestyle Ikenobo Ikebana arrangement. Freestyle is a style with no set form, literally arranged freely from observing the shapes and textures of plants. A wide range of expression is possible. Read a profile about Tina below >>

Date: Sunday, April 16, 2023

Workshop Fee

  • Members: $25

  • Non Members: $50 (Includes $25 workshop fee + $25 One-time only Introductory Membership fee providing Regular Membership benefits during time of membership )

Things to Bring:

  • Vase/vessel/Container: A low and flat container

  • Kenzan: 2 Kenzans

  • Flower Scissors: Bring scissors

  • Floral Materials: Provided


Pre-meeting social time will begin at 10:00 am with coffee, tea and light refreshments; the meeting/workshop starts by 10:30 am or as soon as everyone arrives.


Workshop Room at USC Pacific Asia Museum: 46 N Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101


Participants are encouraged to carpool, walk, take a taxi or ride the Metro to Ikebana International Los Angeles events at the USC Pacific Asian Museum. There's limited onsite parking. In addition to metered street parking the following paid parking lots are a short stroll away.

  1. Plaza Las Fuentes - 135 N Los Robles Ave

  2. Paseo Colorado Subterranean - 300 E Colorado Blvd

  3. Los Robles - 400 E Green St


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About Tina Fu-Ting Yang

Hello! I'm Tina Fu-Ting Yang, and I'm from the Ikenobo San Gabriel Valley California Chapter. I've been passionate about flower arrangement for as long as I can remember. My journey with Ikenobo started in 1969 when I was living in Taiwan, and even after moving to the United States, my love for this art form continued to grow.
Teaching flower arrangement and sharing the beauty of Ikebana is not just a hobby for me, it's my life's purpose. I believe that the harmony and peace of Ikebana can help individuals harmonize their inner energy and find joy in the beauty of flowers. Through teaching Ikenobo, I hope to inspire and educate others who share my love for this art form.


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