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Sunday, April 24, 2022 Photos
Ohara Workshop by Satsuki Palter

At the workshop in April, Satsuki Palter Sensei taught our Chapter the Moribana Ikebana-style from the Ohara School. Created by the school's founder Unshin Ohara in the late 19th century as a way to express the beauty of natural scenery, their actions became the first brilliant step in modern Ikebana. You can see this methods basic form in the photos taken of our members' arrangements by Leonard Brinkers below.

Thank you Palter Sensei for leading this lovely workshop. Additional thanks must be extended to her students, Mr. and Mrs. Shioji for donating the purple statice (limonium) flowers from their garden to feature in our homes. 

We appreciate all the members who were able to join us. Special thanks to those who came early to set up the room to make the day a success: Valeria, Leonard, Jessica, and Joyce. 

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