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Sunday, May 15, 2022 Photos
Sangetsu Workshop by Valeria Brinkers


On Sunday, May 15, 2022, there was an exciting workshop led by Valeria Brinkers from Sangetsu School called Translucent. She stressed that the vase is very important to Sangetsu, in addition to keeping plant material in its natural shape. This month’s main focus was to transform the clear glass vases we were asked to bring using household products (stir sticks, colorful cellophane, stir sticks )  and craft supplies (glue sticks, gold leaf, wood blocks). After being shown examples we were left to our own creativity to experiment and explore. See the impressive works of art created by our members who participated in this lively and happy day. 


Huge thanks goes out to Valeria Brinkers and Leonard Brinkers for coming early to set up the room for the day. We are also very appreciative of all participants for staying until the end to help with clean-up, taking a group photo, and returning the room to the Arboretum in a better condition than when we first arrived. 

Please note, this workshop was inspired by one Sangatsu Ikebana School created and presented during the COVID-19 pandemic via zoom when we were all staying at home to ease virus spread. The idea was to create beautiful Sangetsu ikebana using materials one has at home and with flowers from one’s garden. 

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Scenes from the Sangetsu Ikebana Workshop
Translucent - Sangetsu Ikebana Workshop
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