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June 2022 Newsletter

Read the Chapter Presidents Letter • See Photos from the Ohara workshop + Kawamura Sensei’s Memorial Tree Dedication • Sept Workshop Location Secured! • Summer Ikebana

Los Angeles Chapter #4 • June 2022 Newsletter

Hello friends,

Our programming for the 2021 - 2022 season has wrapped. There were times when we had to cancel a workshop or postpone a luncheon this year due to spikes in the COVID Pandemic, but I am happy we have arrived at this moment together. You each contributed in your own special way to making our in-person events a success, masks and all. Thank you!

If you have not renewed your membership, please send in your renewal today! Thank you very much to the many who have mailed theirs. Michiyo, our treasurer and I are creating our submission to Japan. We’d like to give you your new membership card at our first meeting in September.

In the 2022 - 2023 season, Ikebana International Los Angeles, Chapter 4 will be celebrating its 65th year. The celebration size will depend on how much support the board has from you. Looking ahead, if each of you could do ONE of these tasks next year, it will help the chapter immensely.

  1. Email me the photos you take at an Ikebana International event

  2. Help for __ hour(s) at the Katen

  3. Arrive early to a workshop to help with set up

  4. Proofread the newsletter before it gets shared

  5. Bring a friend(s) who’s shown interest in ikebana to a chapter event

  6. Something else…

I look forward to hearing from you and continuing to foster “friendship through flowers” when we resume our programming in fall. In this month's newsletter, enjoy a recap of our June Workshop and Memorial Event, find out where we are meeting in September, and share your summer Ikebana plans.


Fukuyo Tanaka

Chapter President

Sunday, June 19, 2022 - Reiko Kawamura Memorial Ohara Workshop, Tree Dedication and Reception

Ohara Workshop and Reception

Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter 4 members and Reiko Kawamura's family gathered at the Los Angeles County Arboretum on Sunday, June 19, 2022 to honor her. The day began with an Ohara workshop led by Reiko's student, Jose Salcedo. We had 30 participants this month.

In the workshop, attendees created a moribana arrangement using three materials. These arrangements are classified as Color Scheme moribana arrangements, using the Color Method. Color Scheme moribana arrangements express the beauty of the harmony and contrast of materials. The Color Method aims to express the beauty of color through the color, shape and textures of the selected materials. We appreciate Jose for facilitating this workshop.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the reception following the Tree Dedication. We appreciate you for bringing tasty items to share. Hopefully we can do more potlucks next season.

Tree Dedication Ceremony

A chionanthus retusus (Chinese Fringe Tree) near the Arboretum entrance was selected by committee members. A plaque was also unveiled with a dedication, "In Memory of Reiko Kawamura. Beloved Sensei, Mentor, Friend." Under the tree canopy everyone spent time sharing their Reiko memories and stories. Our Chapter is grateful to the Kawamura family for their generosity, continued support, and for spending the afternoon with us. Considerable thanks also must be extended to the planning committee who put this lovely event together: Armando, Cynthia and Jose.

360 Degree Camera Photos

Thank you Tomoko Lew for these immersive photos. See them here >>

September Meeting + Beyond

We announced in our April newsletter that construction will begin in July at The LA County Arboretum for one to two years. Since then your board members have been searching for a place that can be a venue for the chapter for our monthly workshops. They are delighted to announce that the USC Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena is welcoming us into their space starting in September. Both organizations share similar cultural values and we are hopeful their members will attend our workshops when able. We encourage you to explore the museum space after our first meeting.

Summer Ikebana Events

Workshops will not be held in July and August, but Japanese Cultural summer festivals will be held around Southern California. Some teachers will hold a mini flower exhibition at these festivals. Please let us know if you are hosting one so we can invite members via our website or Facebook.

  • August 13 and August 14, 2022 from 11:00am - 4:00pm Ikebana Teachers Association of Southern California will have a Katen during Nisei Week in Downtown Los Angeles @ JACCC in the George J. Doizaki Gallery.

Photos from Fukuyo’s Ikenobo Ikebana class Katen held at Southeast Japanese Cultural Center Carnival in Norwalk, California during their summer festival on June 11 and June 12, 2022.

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