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June Workshop

In June we welcome Jose Salcedo to lead us through an Ohara Workshop to celebrate his Ohara sensei and Ikebana International member Reiko Kawamura. In the workshop, attendees will create a moribana arrangement using three materials. These arrangements are classified as Color Scheme moribana arrangements, using the Color Method.

Color Scheme moribana arrangements express the beauty of the harmony and contrast of materials. The Color Method aims to express the beauty of color through the color, shape and textures of the selected materials.

Join us after the workshop for a tree dedication memorial ceremony for Kawamura Sensei. Get full details about the event and read about Kawamura Sensei in this heartfelt memorial by Armando Argandona >>

  • Theme: Ohara Ikebana

  • Instructor: Jose Salcedo

  • Date: Sunday, June 19 , 2022

  • Location: Palm Room at the Los Angeles Arboretum - 301 N Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

  • Time: Pre-meeting social time will begin at 9:30am with coffee, tea and light refreshments; the meeting/workshop starts at 10:00 am.

  • To attend, complete and submit this registration form by Wednesday, June 15, 2022 >>

  • Please register for this workshop by completing this form and returning it to Michiyo Nakamura with your registration fee. As always, you are welcome to bring a friend to any of our workshops at the non-member registration fee.


  • Members $25

  • Non-Members $35

Workshop Supplies & Materials

  • Vase/vessel/Container: Low bowl container (suiban) that is 12 to 14 inches in diameter.

  • Kenzan: Two kenzans, 3" or 4" diameter

  • Flower Scissors: Bring your own

  • Materials: Will be provided

About Jose Salcedo

Personal & Professional:

1960 – Born in Los Angeles, California

1982 – Received a B.A. degree from Occidental, Major: Physics, Minor: Mathematic

1984 – Received an M.S.E.E. from University of Southern California, emphasis: Computer Engineering

1984 – 2020: Senior Software engineer. Last working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL, NASA) in Pasadena, CA.

January 2020 – Retired from JPL

General Ikebana:

1990 – 2019: Participated in yearly I.I. exhibition.

1993 – 1995: President of Ikebana International (I.I.) Los Angeles Chapter No. 4

1998 – Joined Kado Kyoju Kai: original Ikebana teachers association in Los Angeles area. Current member of newly combined group: Ikebana Teachers Association of Southern California.

1998 – 2019: Participated in Ikebana exhibition during the yearly Nisei Week Festive.

2015 – 2017 - President of Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter No.4


1988 – February, began studying Ikenobo with Mrs. Sakahara

1996 – Began teaching Ikenobo at East Los Angeles College

2014 – 2018: Vice President, Ikenobo Ikebana Los Angeles Society

2018 – 2020: President, Ikenobo Ikebana Los Angeles Society

1996 - 2020 – Taught weekly Ikenobo classes

2020 – In November I received my latest Ikenobo Diploma: Senior Professor: Saiko-shoku, Fukusokatoku (don’t ask me what it means ☺)

March 2021 – Began Ikenobo Zoom classes


1988 – December, began studying Ohara with Mrs. Reiko Kawamura

1997 – Began teaching Ohara at Mrs. Kawamura’s studio

1998 – 2015 – Served on Ohara Chapter Board in various positions, including Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, and Vice President

2015 – In June I received my latest Ohara Certificate: 1st Term Master

2019 – Gave demonstration and workshops at the Ikebana International North and Central American Regional Conference

1997 - 2020 – Taught weekly Ohara

2020 – Present: Holding Ohara classes via Zoom

Tea Ceremony (Urasenke)

1990 – Began studying Urasenke (tea ceremony) with Mrs. Sakahara

1991 – Present: Demonstrations at Nisei Week Festival (every other year)

1991 – 2020: Yearly demonstrations at Obon Festival in Pasadena

1991 – 2019: Demonstrations at various Japanese cultural events throughout the Los Angeles area.

1992 – 2012: Yearly Hatsugama (New Year tea ceremony) at Pasadena Buddhist Temple.

2009 – Received 2nd Degree Instructor certificate

2017- Began teaching weekly Urasenke classes

Membership Badges Required

We previously distributed I. I. membership cards and badge holders to all members. Please remember that you have to wear your badge Ikebana International ID when you come to the Arboretum for any Chapter event or you may be charged an entrance fee. We kindly ask that you follow the Arboretum’s COVID protocol rules.


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