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April 2022

Mother’s Day is upon us. In 1937 Japan, it is said that the custom of sending carnations with gratitude on Mother's Day came from the United States via Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia. Anna wanted to memorialize all mothers after her mother’s passing and encourage people to honor their mothers by giving them her mom’s favorite flower the white carnation to represent the purity of a mother’s love. Soon the floral industry noticed a shortage of white carnations leading up to Mother’s Day. To diversify sales they began promoting the practice of wearing red or bright flowers in honor of living mothers, and white flowers for deceased moms. This is why near Mother’s Day, if you have a traditional Japanese ikebana instructor you may be making arrangements using red and white carnations. To learn more about Anna Jarvis and Mother’s Day, please read this article on Mental Floss >>

For those looking for a Mother’s Day activity, join me at the Pacific Asian Museum in Pasadena, California. They are having a Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday, May 8. Participate in an origami-inspired card-making activity, and enjoy no admission fee all day to the museum. I’ll be leading the ikebana workshops. You can learn more about the event here >>

In this month's newsletter below, get a recap of our April Ohara Workshop, read some unfortunate news regarding a few upcoming events, and then be uplifted with some good news. Remember to sign up for the May Sangetsu Workshop, and receive new programming details about the June Ikenobo Workshop.

I look forward to sharing friendship through flowers with you in May.


Fukuyo Tanaka

Chapter President

Ikebana International, Los Angeles Chapter #4

April Workshop Highlights

At the workshop in April, Satsuki Palter Sensei taught our Chapter the Moribana ikebana-style from the Ohara School. Created by the school's founder Unshin Ohara in the late 19th century to be able to use a variety of flowers “piled up” instead of the usual “standing” arrangement, the first brilliant step in modern ikebana. You can see this methods basic form in the photos taken of our members' arrangements by Leonard Brinkers here >>

Thank you Palter Sensei for leading this lovely workshop. Additional thanks must be extended to her students, Mr. and Mrs. Shioji for donating the purple statice (limonium) flowers from their garden to feature in our homes.

Special thanks to those who came early to set up the room to make the day a success: Valeria, Leonard, Jessica, and Joyce. We appreciate all the members who were able to join us and look forward to seeing you at the next workshop in May.

World Convention Canceled

It is with sadness that I am informing you that the 12th Annual Ikebana International World Convention scheduled for May 2023 has been canceled “because of the pandemic situation. This hard decision was made to avoid a huge financial risk to our organization as well as the danger of spreading the virus among convention participants.” - I.I. President Sato’s message on the I.I. website >>

Construction at the Arboretum

Ikebana International Los Angeles has been very lucky to be hosted by the Los Angeles County Arboretum for the past few years, sharing space for our monthly workshops and annual Katen at a significantly cost efficient rate. We recently received news that construction will commence on the new Visitors Plaza, postponing all daytime events in Ayres Hall, and meetings in the classrooms, from roughly September 2022 to June 2023.

What Does This Mean for Our Chapter?

The board is excited for the new improvements that will enhance the Arboretum experience. In the interim, we are unsure what the next year will look like for our group. Should we return to meeting via Zoom, try to find temporary space to host in-person events within our budget, or do another virtual Katen? Let us know in your reply what your thoughts are on this.

Our Board is researching JACCC in downtown, the Huntington Library and Descanso Gardens as possible Katen spaces. However, if you are aware of other venues in Los Angeles County that might host our group for workshops and or other places for a Katen, include them in your reply as well. Together we’ll figure this out.

Some Good News

A video version of Takeichi-sensei's Sogetsu demonstration, which was originally scheduled to be held at the canceled New Year's Luncheon, is ready to be presented. The demonstration will premiere on our website Saturday, May 7, 2022 @ 12:00 am - Sunday, May 15, 2022 @ 11:59 pm. Mark your calendars and make plans for your viewing party. We’ll send an email with the password to access the video on Friday, May 6, 2022 to members and luncheon guests. Join our membership today to get access to the video >>

May Sangetsu Workshop: "Translucent"

The May workshop will be led by Valeria Brinkers Sensei of Ikebana Sangetsu Los Angeles and San Diego School on Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 10:00 am. Sangetsu School will show you how to make a beautiful vase using wood, wax, hot glue and paper. Remember to RSVP by Wednesday, May 11, 2022. Get workshop details here >>

June Ikenobo Workshop: Three material Shoka Arrangement

The June workshop will be led by Jose Salcedo Sensei of Ikenobo Ikebana Los Angeles School on Sunday, June 19, 2022 at 10am. Jose will lead us in creating a three material Shoka arrangement. Find details about the workshop here >>

Please join us after the workshop for a tree dedication memorial ceremony for Kawamura Sensei from the Ohara School. Wear comfortable walking shoes because the event will be outdoors on the Arboretum grounds. Read about Kawamura Sensei in this heartfelt memorial by Armando Argandona >>

Following the tree dedication, let’s return to the Palm Room for a potluck reception. Please bring a dish to share. We’ll provide the drinks and cutlery. Let us know by Wednesday, June 15, 2022 if you can participate in the workshop or memorial event/reception or both.

The FUN in Function

This chapter FUNctions because we have loyal members and passionate board members who volunteer countless hours to keep this Chapter in good standings with the following groups:

  1. California Garden Clubs, Inc. Group Tax Exemption Program - IILA get’s its tax exemption status because we fall under their umbrella

  2. Ikebana International North & Central American Region (NCAR) - They provide us with guidance and best practices to be an outstanding chapter to it’s membership

  3. Ikebana International Headquarters - This is the mothership we report to each month

We Can Not Do It Alone

We thrive on your feedback. Tell us your recommendations for the upcoming year.

Are you interested in how this Chapter operates?

  • “I only have 10 minutes a month to help IILA, what can I do?” - you

  • Are you an ikebana teacher looking to improve your presentation skills?

  • Want to connect with others passionate about ikebana from around the country?

  • Do you have interest in learning how to organize a workshop/Katen/luncheon/silent auction/zoom meeting/mini-ikebana workshop?

  • Who's a great teacher from your ikebana school that hosts amazing classes? What makes them special?

  • Are you interested in improving your social media, administrative, or email newsletter skills?

  • Do you want to learn how to increase traffic to your website?

  • Maybe numbers are more your thing and you want to learn how our Chapters budget is arranged?

  • Do you know of cultural grant opportunities IILA should apply for?

  • Do you have ideas on LA cultural events that might benefit from a mini-ikebana workshop?

If time allows you to challenge yourself to try new experiences and you enjoy collaborating with others, send an email to to discuss further volunteer opportunities within this chapter. We have so many tasks we need your help with.

It’s That Time Again …

We hope you have enjoyed the IILA programming thus far. The end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2022 for Ikebana International Headquarters is approaching. Renew your membership for July 2022 - June 2023 by Thursday, June 30, 2022 to be a member in good standing.

For each member, we annually send the equivalent of ¥6000 dues to II Headquarters in Tokyo and keep the balance to operate IILA programs. Visit our membership page for membership level details >>

Print this form below and mail it to us, along with your payment.

Email it to us at if you are comfortable.

You can also download it as a PDF file and print it.

Renewal Member (Membership period: July 1 through June 30 annually)

▢ Regular Member, postmarked by June 30: $85

▢ Regular Member, postmarked after June 30: $95

▢ Associate Member: $25

▢ Introductory Member: $25



City, State, Zip: ______________________________

Phone: _____________________________________

Email: ______________________________________

School: _____________________________________

Chapter/Branch: ______________________________

Membership #: ______________________________

Are you an Ikebana Teacher? YES NO

Teacher Level: _______________________________

▢ Yes, my contact information is different from last year.

Send Application & Payment

  1. Complete the application and then send it to us:

  2. Via email to

  3. Or mail it to the IILA Treasurer

  4. Make check out to : “Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter#4”

  5. Mail to: Michiyo Nakamura, IILA Treasurer 1034 S. Garfield Ave., Monterey Park, CA 91754

  6. Send membership questions and feedback to:

Ita-da-ki-ma-su! It’s Time to Eat!

We leave you this month with some Japanese cultural news for foodies and those who like to try new things. Our current chapter President is originally from the state of Wakayama, Japan. She wants to share some fun news via her home state’s organization, Nanaka Wakayama Kenjinkai. Get a sampling taste of regional specialty products during the “Wakayama Fair,” happening Thursday, May 19, 2022 - Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at select Tokyo Central & Marukai Market locations. (Their Facebook page has yet to be updated. This information came from their mailed newsletter.) Go try everything!

A-ri-ga-to, Thank You!

We appreciate you reading the entire newsletter. Did you notice any “oops” that need to be corrected on our online version? Perhaps you would rather get the newsletter mailed to your home because you get too many emails. Tell us by emailing

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