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November 2022 Newsletter

Sign-up for the Saga Goryu Workshop, read a recap on the October Workshop, get details on the 65th Annual Luncheon and save the dates for the Annual Katen

Ladies and gentlemen,

I hope you enjoyed the trick-or-treating ghosts, witches and goblins who visited your home during Halloween this year. Seeing all the kids dressed as food 🌭 brought me joy. How about you, what were your highlights?

Recently I traveled to Chicago. My family was there in late October when the first snow fell. There's plenty of water from Lake Michigan, so the sidewalks of the city are washed every morning and downtown is very clean. The autumn colors have begun to appear on the beautiful sugar maple trees. Blooming in the beds lining the sidewalks are snowberries and solidago. Compared to Southern California I felt Chicago had no drought worries. Their abundant water supply is able to hydrate her plants, trees and streets. They are very lucky.

Please enjoy the November newsletter. This month you will find the following: a reminder to sign up for the upcoming Saga Goryu Workshop, read a recap on the October Workshop, get details on the Annual Luncheon and save the dates for the Annual Katen. I look forward to seeing you on the 20th and all our upcoming events. Let us continue to foster “friendship through flowers” during fall 🍂.


Fukuyo Tanaka



November Workshop

Sunday, November 20, 2022 will be the first time our chapter will have a Saga Goryu workshop. According to the Ikebana International Headquarters website, "Saga Goryu has a tradition dating back to more than 1,200 years, starting the foundation of Daikaku-ji Temple in Kyoto by Emperor Saga in the 9th century (the Japanese Heian period). The School’s headquarter is still at Daikaku-ji Temple." Read more about the school on their Wikipedia page >>

I'm looking forward to Alfredo Valenzuela leading the workshop for us. He will showcase the Saga Goryu school style of simple arrangements using Emperor Saga’s favorite flower; the chrysanthemum. Seats are limited, so please register early if you would like to participate.


Scissors: Bring scissors

Vase/vessel/Container: Flat vase, oval or round, 12-inches

Kenzan: 1 or 2

Floral Materials: Provided

Registration Deadline

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Workshop Fee

  • Members: $25

  • Non Members: $50 (Includes $25 workshop fee + $25 One-time only Introductory Membership fee providing Regular Membership benefits during time of membership )

Online Registration

Pay the workshop fee to our PayPal Account. In the notes, include:

  1. Workshop Name: Saga Goryu

  2. Name of Attendee(s)

  3. Email address to send confirmation

Registration by Mail

Please register for the workshop by completing the attached form. Michiyo on break this month please send the completed form to Fukuyo with your check.

Fukuyo Tanaka

℅ IILA - November Workshop

4522 Walnut Avenue

Long Beach, CA 90807

We look forward to your participation.

October Workshop Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended the October Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter #4 Workshop: Succulent Planting Ikebana by Kaz Kitajima from Sogetsu LA. I'm grateful to Kitajima-sensei for putting together such a unique class for our group. Special recognition must be made to Pearl Ahn for her loving introduction of Kaz to the group. Additional thanks goes to Roberta, Katy, Jan, Kiwa, Alfredo, and Camille for sharing photos from the day and of their ikebana. Send what your arrangements look like at home by emailing them to

Roberta’s succulent ikebana at home. What did you put in your bud vial?

Here are key points from Kitajima-sensei to keeping

your succulent ikebana alive and healthy. Follow these steps so your plants thrive the entire year.

Key Points from Kitajima-Sensei

  1. 当日すぐに100mlほど水を掛ける。 Add 100ml of water on the day you made it.

  2. 週に一回位、soil をさわって,乾いている様でしたら水をあげる(多過ぎず、少な過ぎず About once a week, touch the soil and add water if it seems dry (not too much, 50ml )

  3. 水をかけすぎると、枯れる。Too much water will dry it out.

  4. スプレイヤーを使っても良い。You can use water sprayer.

  5. 水に栄養剤を混ぜても良い、例えばHB-101など。You can also add nutrients to the water, such as HB-101.

  6. 週に4~5日は、外の日向(ひなた)に置く。特に冬は、根が休んでいるので、水を控え目にし、霜の降りるところには置かない。夏は、半日陰に置きましょう。Place it outside in the sun for 4-5 days a week. Especially in winter, when the roots are dormant, water sparingly and keep out of frost. In summer, keep it in semi-shade.

  7. 根が出始めると、大きくなりますのでその場合は切り下げる、小さくして切り落とした枝で新しいサキュラントを作りましょう。 When the roots start to appear, it will grow, so cut it down and make a new succulent from the cut off branches

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend!

New Year Luncheon

I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling the days speed by as we enter November.

Our New Year’s Luncheon and meeting on January 8, 2023 is approaching. Last year’s luncheon was canceled due to the pandemic and some of you requested and received a refund. Thirty people requested their payment be applied to next year’s luncheon. If you paid last year, but are unable to attend on January 8, 2023, please let us know. You will receive a refund.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to our 65th anniversary New Year’s Luncheon and meeting.

We have no workshops in December and January, but on January 8, 2023, we will hold the New Year General Meeting and the 65th Anniversary General Meeting, so please save the date.

Archive photo from 2016 Annual Luncheon


Sunday, January 8, 2023

RSVP Deadline

Sunday, December 20, 2022


Courtyard by Marriott - Monterey Park, 555 N Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754

Special Guest

Mr. Kenko Sone, the Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles


This is an opportunity for members to get together once a year and deepen their friendship through flowers. I hope that as many people as possible will come together. You do not want to miss this!

Archive Photo: Ikebana by Mrs.Patricia Ziegler from the 2022 Katen

I'm excited to share that Mrs.Patricia Ziegler and members from Sogetsu San Fernando Valley branch will conduct a live demonstration during the Luncheon. Five schools of Ikebana will display their arrangements at the Luncheon. This will be a lovely preview of the Spring Katen.

Come at 10:30am and join us for coffee, view the arrangements on display, and sign up for the silent donation (auction). We will have a short meeting at 11:30am, followed by our celebratory New Year's Toast 🥂, and the luncheon will begin at 12:00pm.

Silent Donation

Our previous silent donation (auction) was very successful. We are conducting it once again at our 2023 Luncheon and are in need of any vases or gently used Ikebana-related books. This is a great opportunity to do an "osoji" (Japanese for big cleaning before the new year) to your Ikebana supplies. Let's give a second life to your under-used vases by donating them to the auction. Please bring your items with you to the Luncheon.

Do you want to participate but you don’t have extra ikebana supplies? This is your chance to unload those extra gift cards, passes to museums, or concert tickets. The board will create gift baskets with them. Reply to this email if you want to contribute this way. All donations are tax deductible.

Help Make the Day a Success

We are seeking volunteers to help make the Annual Luncheon a success. If you are able to come a little bit early, help during the event or stay after the event to help pack up the organizing committee will greatly appreciate it. Please let us know when you RSVP.

RSVP Online

  • In notes include: New Year Luncheon, your full name, and email address to send confirmation

  • Tell us in the notes if you are lumping your October workshop payment and New Year’s Luncheon payment in one as well. This will help us save a transaction fee.

Mail check payment to:

  • Michiyo Nakamura: 1034 S. Garfield Avenue, Monterey Park, CA 91754-5031

  • In notes include: New Year Luncheon and email address to send confirmation

RSVP by Mail

Complete the attached form.

Mail completed form and check payment to:

  • Michiyo Nakamura: 1034 S. Garfield Avenue, Monterey Park, CA 91754-5031

  • In notes include: New Year Luncheon and email address to send confirmation

Annual Katen

Archive Photo: Camille and her students create a large Sogetsu ikebana for the 2022 Katen.

The Board is planning our annual exhibition (Katen), which will take place on Saturday, March 18, 2023 and Sunday, March 19, 2023 at the USC-Pacific Asia Museum. Members will be able to set up their arrangements on Friday, March 17, 2023. Please save the dates. Space is limited. As soon as we have a layout we will be issuing the sign-up form so stay tuned. We hope to see many of your beautiful arrangements at the Katen.


If you have any feedback, grammatical edits, or comments regarding any of our publications please tell us by replying to this email. - Thank you in advance for your help.


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