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March 2023 Newsletter

It’s time to nominate the next Chapter President, get additional Katen details and more…

Los Angeles Chapter #4

March 2023 Newsletter

Dear Chapter Members & Friends,

The 65th Annual Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter #4 Katen Flower Exhibition will be on Saturday, March 18, 2023 and Sunday, March 19, 2023 at USC Pacific Asia Museum. I'm excited to gather with you again to celebrate “friendship through flowers'' with our larger community of friends, family and folks new to ikebana. Though Covid-19 hasn't disappeared, looking around, I'm glad that everyone is taking precautions that make themselves feel comfortable. Wars, earthquakes, and disasters continue unabated in the world. Let us celebrate the beauty in the natural world through ikebana and cherish the time we have with each other while we still can.

In the March 2023 newsletter read about the new board president recommendations, the June '22 memorial event has been featured by Ikebana International Headquarters, enjoy a recap of the February Ohara workshop, read about the Valentine’s Day Workshop at USC Pacific Asia Museum lead by Valeria Brinkers, and a few important Katen announcements.


Fukuyo Tanaka


Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter #4



Our Chapter is part of the California Garden Club Inc. Group Tax Exemption Program

New Board President Recommendation

Myself and the current board members have four months left in our term, ending June 30, 2023. Thinking ahead to who can lead this organization, the Nominating Committee recommends Katey Ho from the Ohara school as the next Chapter President. A ballot is attached to this month's newsletter and can be downloaded here >> Please let us know your approval or disapproval by sending in your completed form.

About Katey

Katey Ho (L) and her sensei, Hisako (Shofu) Shohara (R)

From 2019 to 2022, Katey served as the 1st Vice President of Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter #4 and arranged the creation of the programs. The latter half of the program coincided with the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. Katey was the one who organized our Chapter’s Virtual Programming which allowed us all to continue to foster “friendship through flowers” from the comfort of our individual homes. Katey has been a long time member of this chapter. She hopes to bring teachers from schools currently not represented in our organization to host workshops to expose members to more styles of ikebana.

Featured in Chapter Activities by Ikebana International Headquarters

It’s always an honor for our Chapter to be seen and recognized by Ikebana International Headquarters. They featured Reiko Kawamura Sensei’s Memorial Ohara Workshop and Tree Dedication Ceremony and Reception from June 2022 in the Chapter Activities insert. The insert is mailed to members in 160 chapters and 50 countries around the world. If you missed it, enjoy it here >>

February Workshop Recap

At the workshop in February, Mayumi Onami from Ohara School shared the Moribana Landscape style which brought the outdoors inside as realistically as possible. The mood was set on Sunday, February 19, 2023 with background music of birds chirping and a recording of the woods. Onami-sensei shared a brief history of the Ohara school with the participants and thoughtfully explained why certain elements are placed in a particular way. Sometimes they signify the season and how a plant is really growing in nature. I love workshops that expose me to ikebana outside of my school's teaching because I walk away learning something new about their practice. See all photos from the workshop here >>

A Valentine’s Day Workshop

Part of our Chapter’s agreement with USC Pacific Asia Museum to use their facilities this year is to collaborate with them on two workshops that are open to their members and patrons. A huge thank you must be extended to Chapter President Emeritus & current Board Advisor, Valeria Brinkers for volunteering her time to lead this Valentine’s Day inspired workshop at the Museum in February. We have shared the museum's Facebook Post on our page, you can see it here as well. I will be leading the Mother’s Day workshop in May as the second collaboration.

Katen - Annual Ikebana Exhibition

Thank you to the many members who have registered to participate in this year’s Katen, Annual Ikebana Exhibition on Saturday, March 18, 2023 and Sunday, March 19, 2023. RSVP by Friday, March 10, 2023 to make sure there is space for you. Remember it’s FREE to all current Chapter members to participate in this event.

Member/Non-Member Fee to Display Flowers:

RSVP by Friday, March 10, 2023

As of Sunday, March 5, 2023 we have 5 spots remaining. Spots are reserved on a first come first serve basis. We'll place you on a stand-by list when we are at capacity. We'll let you know via email if you made it or if you are on the stand-by list.

But I’m Still New to Ikebana

If you are a new member, I encourage your participation. I recommend going to Trader Joes or your local farmers market to get the flowers you want. Please look for partially bloomed flowers so they last the weekend. We have plenty of teacher members who will share greenery with you. They will also support you with your free-style design. I hope you'll consider it.

Event Photographers

We are lucky to have three photographers this year documenting the Katen this year: Glen Gustafson, Joanne Wilborn and Marlyn Woo. Please welcome them, make space around them if they are shooting your works and thank them for all they are doing for our Chapter this year when you see them.

Glen Gustafson

Glen is a professor that teaches Visual Effects at CSUN, Woodbury University and Art History at Bakersfield College. He also works for Dreamworks & in his spare time he has his company Cinelux to do special shoots for his clients. His medium in painting is oil(modern art), acrylics, and many others. He especially enjoys Ikebana and takes great pleasure in photographing flower art which he noticed Ikebana follows many of the same principles and elements of western art. His credits can be found here in IMDB: Glen Gustafson - IMDb.

Joanne Wilborn and Marlyn Woo

Joanne Wilborn and Marlyn Woo are photographing our arrangements as well. We met Marlyn last year when she photographed the Katen for the Arboretum. They graciously shared photos for use on our website and promotional materials.

This year they are asking how your ikebana school wants their photos taken. I will be reaching out to our Teacher Members for their input. Joanne and Marlyn will be in the Auditorium on the set-up day with backdrops to photograph your works, they will also be photographing the demonstrations on both days.

Postcard F-U-Nraiser

We used Marlyn’s photos from the 2022 Katen to make commemorative postcards. Additionally, we have also made postcards out of the photos of Haruko Takeichi’s New Year’s Sogetsu Ikebana Video Demonstration that were taken by Javier Hernandez. These will be available as a gift for a small donation to help offer a stipend to the photographers and support our organization's programming.

Katen Layout

This year's branch flower exhibition will be held at USC Pacific Asia Museum. We will be activating the Courtyard Space with the mini-ikebana workshop, country goods donation based table, and large Ikebana Arrangements. Table top arrangements and demonstrations will be showcased in the Auditorium (where we have our monthly meetings this year). The Old Library room, which is to the right when you come up the stairs, will feature select ikebana arrangements, along with ceramic crafts by Chapter member Charlene Nomura and Artist Ojima.

Arrangement Size

You will have half a 8' x 30" table. If you would like a smaller space, half a 6' x 30" table please let me know in your reply.

If your school or group would like to make a large Ikebana display in the Courtyard or in the Old Library Room, please email Leonard at

See You at the Show

I'm excited we can bring this Katen to life and look forward to making arrangements alongside each of you. Let's put on a great show that celebrates our love of Ikebana and how wonderful it is to foster "friendship through flowers."

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