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February 2021

Presidents Message

We’re two-thirds of the way to Spring and it looks promising that COVID-19 vaccinations are on the rise. We hope that the majority of our members have been able to get vaccinated and that you all are doing well.

Our Nominating Committee is hard at work since the term of the current Board will soon end. Ballots will be sent to all members to vote for the new Chapter President. We are looking forward to your continued support of our Chapter.

We are seeking Board members who support the mission of Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter, to stimulate, cultivate and perpetuate the study of Ikebana, related arts and culture. If any Chapter member is interested in serving on the Board for a two year term, the following positions are available:

First Vice President (Programs): Shall assist the President and in the absence of the President shall assume the duties of the President. Shall be responsible for the planning, location and presentation of all programs for the general meetings.

Third Vice President (Publicity): Shall act as “News Coordinator”, and as such shall: (1) Report the activities of the Los Angeles Chapter to Ikebana Headquarters. (2) Maintain liaison with other Ikebana Chapters. (3) In the absence of the President, First Vice President and Second Vice President, shall assume all duties of the president. Please email Fukuyo Tanaka if you are interested in serving in either one of these Board positions.

February 2021 Meetings

Katey arranged two very enjoyable Zoom programs this month.

The first, on February, 14, was a repeat viewing of the video “Possibilities with Washi” with Laura Felt. She was informative on how to decorate using washi.

For the second meeting on February, 21, we viewed an inspiring video demonstration on Ikenobo Ikebana by Stephanie English, who is a very active and accomplished Ikenobo sensei in Florida. Stephanie created twelve stunning arrangements, guiding you through the rich and ever-changing history of Ikenobo. From the ancient Tatehana and her unique interpretation of Rikka Shofutai, through the Edo Period of Shoka Shofutai, Stephanie authors a floral tribute to Ikenobo’s eminent legacy. Using the modern forms of Shoka Sanshuike (post WWII), Shoka and Rikka Shimputai, she beautifully demonstrated Ikenobo’s ability to respond to our changing world. Stephanie captured the post-modern era with several free style arrangements, proving Ikenobo is expanding its

repertoire to embrace a new generation of Ikebana artists.

Stephanie joined the meeting to interact with members and for a Q and A session. We’ve received positive feedback from the participants. Please enjoy some of her beautiful arrangements below. If anyone has a question or comment directly for Stephanie, her email address is:

Ikebana examples from left to right top to bottom, Freestyle, Isshuike Shoka Shimputai, Shoka Shimputai, Rikka Shimputai, Freestyle Relief, Tatehana

March 2021 Meetings

On Sunday, March, 21, we will view an Ohara Ikebana video demonstration by Satsuki Palter who is the President of Los Angeles Ohara Chapter and a Sub-Grandmaster of the Ohara School of Ikebana. Satsuki will join the meeting as well for a Q and A session. As usual, the Zoom invite information will be emailed prior to our meeting date. Read about the full program here.

Ikebana at Home

Ikebana at Home, A Virtual Exhibit at featuring Ohara School, January 11 - March 31, 2021

The virtual exhibit at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center is ongoing through March 31, 2021: While you are on the JACCC website, please take a look at the many virtual cultural events going on at the center.

Ikebana is the Japanese art of floral arrangement that aims to bring out the inner qualities of the materials and express emotions.

At the core of the practice is building relationships - between oneself and the materials, between student and teacher, and between artists and the world.

In this special series we feature modern, creative ikebana designs shared by artists from the prominent Ohara School using materials discovered during their stay-at-home experience. As you explore this installment, we hope you may find reprieve and a space for your thoughts to exist and thrive.

Featured Photo

One of our members, Hong Zhou, has shared a photo of one of her arrangements: