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September Meeting and Demonstration

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Our first meeting of the 2021-2022 fiscal year will be held in the Palm Room at the Los Angeles Arboretum on Sunday, September 19, 2021.


  • 9:30 am Pre-Meeting Social

  • 10:00 am Meeting and Demonstrations

Our pre-meeting social time will begin at 9:30am with coffee, tea and light refreshments. The meeting will begin at 10:00 am, followed by the demonstrations.

This meeting will showcase demonstrations by our Chapter members from Ikenobo, Sangetsu and Sogetsu schools. Each school will demonstrate for 20 minutes.

Meet the Demonstrators

Ikenobo School Los Angeles Chapter: Izumi Minamitani

Izumi Minamitani is currently the president of the Ikenobo Los Angeles Chapter. She started learning Ikenobo ikebana in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan when she was 15 years old.

Sensei Minamitani will be making two arrangements in Shoka style and Freestyle.

Ikenobo San Gabriel Valley California Chapter: Mei Ling Tang and Yumei Lu

Since studying Ikenobo in2006, Mei-Ling has participated in numerous exhibitions and demonstrated in shows in addition to teaching in various settings such as temples/monasteries and charity events. She currently teaches floral art classes in Arcadia. Mei-Ling’s passion in Ikenobo has motivated her to build friendship and touch the lives of many through the shared joy of floral art.

Sensei Tang will be making a Freestyle arrangement.

Yumei’s journey began making freeform floral arrangements in Taiwan. After immigrating to America in 1997, Yumei continued her studies with Sensei Tina Yang. She received her Ikenobo Professorship in 2011, and started teaching Ikenobo in 2013. She currently teaches at His Lai Temple in Covina. Floral arrangements have brought her to meet new people. Friends who have made an impact on her life, bringing laughter, encouragement and challenge along their adventures. She hopes to inspire and bring joy to everyone with every floral arrangement art she creates.

Sensei Lu will be making a Rikka Shimputai arrangement.

Sangetsu School: Valeria Brinkers and Leonard Brinkers

Valeria Brinkers is a professor of the Ikebana Sangetsu School and former President of Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter. She received her jyo-kyoju title in 1993 from the Headquarters of the Sangetsu School in Japan. She continued to progress with her studies and earned her second level certificate as an assistant professor in 2010. In 2017 she was awarded with the title of professor. She is very active in various communities events, classes, workshops and exhibits. Last year she was one the speakers of the North Dakota University Master Gardeners 2020 virtual Conference and she teaches several classes in Torrance and San Diego.

Sensei Brinkers will be making an arrangement using Men Massu (Plane and Mass) style.

Leonard Brinkers is an assistant professor of the Ikebana Sangetsu School. He is currently serving as the First Vice President for our Chapter. He graduated from the Sangetsu School as an instructor in August, 2015. In June, 2017, he received his Assistant Professor degree. Leonard created the website for our Chapter and served as a Board Member for eight years.

Sensei Brinkers will be making a Nikaku Kossei (Omission) style arrangement.

Sogetsu School: Hetty Shurtleff and Lisa Brennan Cosand

Hetty Shurtleff studied for 6 years practicing ikebana Sogetsu as a student of Sensei Camille Van Ast. Approximately 1 year ago she finished the curriculum and received her teaching credential. She is currently a 4th grade Sogetsu teacher and is actively teaching classes in Santa Barbara. Hetty said she realized how difficult teaching can be but also rewarding as it introduces others to the beautiful art of ikebana.

Sensei Shurtleff will be making a Freestyle arrangement.

Lisa Brennan Cosand has been in Sogetsu School for 30 years with Kyoko Kassarjian as her Sensei. She enjoys the challenge of mixing the materials and the focus of creating a statement. She also enjoys attending Camille Van Ast’s classes in Thousand Oaks to enjoy the creativity of the group.

Lisa will be making a Freestyle arrangement.

COVID Protocols

We must follow the COVID protocol rules established by the Arboretum. Those rules mandate that all of our members who enter the Arboretum must be fully vaccinated, must wear a mask at all times while on Arboretum grounds, and must wear an Ikebana International ID badge. Each of our Chapter members will receive a membership card and a badge holder at the Arboretum Main Entrance. Please wear that ID badge to all future workshops/meetings until further notice. This badge is your admission ticket into the Arboretum when we have meetings. We kindly ask all of you to follow all of the infection control measures indicated by our staff and by the staff at the Arboretum.


Palm Room

Los Angeles Arboretum

301 North Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, CA 91007

More Information:

In the event you need any further information about this meeting, please contact:

Fukuyo Tanaka

(562) 481-1652

For demonstration questions, please contact

Leonard Brinkers

(760) 727-8676


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