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July 2021

Dear Members:

I hope all of our members have stayed well and safe during the pandemic.

Our new fiscal year started on July 1st and our new Board has been installed.

  • President: Fukuyo Tanaka

  • First Vice President (Programs): Leonard Brinkers

  • Second Vice President (Hospitality): Cynthia Conant

  • Third Vice President (Publicity): Erin Rowlett

  • Treasurer: Michio Nakamura

  • Secretary: Julie Wolf

We will all work towards the continued improvement of our Chapter.

We start our new fiscal year with good news. Starting in September, 2021, the Los Angeles Arboretum will allow us to resume our in-person meetings and workshops for all members who have been fully vaccinated. In addition, the Arboretum requires that all members who attend our meetings and workshops wear Ikebana International identification. Each of our Chapter members will receive a membership card and a badge holder. It is mandatory that you wear it when you come to our meetings and workshops.

Remembering Tiiu Parli Harunk

Earlier this month, Cynthia Conant (our Second Vice President) reported the loss of her long-time friend and our fellow Chapter member, Tiiu Parli Harunk from the Ohara School. Read Cynthia's remembrance about Tiiu and see photos of her inspiring life HERE.

Featured Photo

If you would like your arrangement photo included in a future Newsletter, send your photos to Julie Wolfe at


I look forward to seeing many of you at our September meeting. More information about the meeting will be provided in our August newsletter.

Let us have friendship through flowers,

Fukuyo Tanaka, President

Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter #4


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