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April 2021

Dear Members,

It’s hard to believe that a quarter of the year has already passed. As May approaches, we anticipate an abundance of berries, cherries, early stone fruit varieties and possibly cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. It is said that April showers bring May flowers. Due to the return of California’s drought conditions, there won’t be a super bloom this year. But things are still blooming all over California and will be for many months, even though we will miss out on the picture-perfect fields of endless California poppies.

Fukuyo Tanaka is pleased to report that two Board positions have now been filled. Thanks to all who responded to our request for member participation.

Cast Your Ballot

Please don’t forget to cast your ballot for our presidential nominee, Fukuyo Tanaka, by completing the attached ballot and returning it by U. S. mail or email. ALL VOTES MUST BE RECEIVED BY MAY 12, 2021.

Chapter Membership

Also don’t forget to renew your Chapter membership, and attached is the membership renewal form. Please complete the form and send it along with your dues payment to Fukuyo Tanaka. MEMBERSHIP DUES MUST BE PAID BY JUNE 1, 2021.

April Meeting Recap

Our April 18th Zoom meeting was attended by NCAR video demonstrator, Susan Cano, a Sogetsu Ikebana Riji. The video demonstration focused on how the color of a container effects the overall look of the arrangement. As an example, Susan showed the same arrangement in different color containers. On another arrangement, she switched the arrangement, with 2 groupings in one container to using 2 separate containers.

After the video, there was lively conversation and a question and answer session with Susan. A couple of II members who are also members of the San Fernando Valley Sogetsu Branch, shared their beautiful arrangements with everyone. Please see photos below.

May Meeting Preview

On Sunday May 16, 2021, we will view a video by Elaine Jo, an Ichiyo Executive Master. The theme of the demonstration is “At Home with Ikebana," not just the title of her book, it is her mantra. At the I.I. NCAR Dallas conference Elaine created her capstone. With graceful ease she demonstrated how to elevate your living space with ikebana. Her composition and technique are unparalleled. Able to balance the seemingly impossible, Elaine Jo is a joy to watch. An approachable, modern sensibility rooted in Ichiyo’s natural beauty makes Elaine Jo’s demonstration a must see! Read about the full program HERE!

Ikebana at Home

Discover a virtual ikebana exhibit at featuring Ikenobo School now through Sunday, July 4, 2021. Read more about it here.

Featured Photo

Remember, if you would like your arrangement photo included in a future Newsletter, send your photos to Julie Wolfe at


Don’t forget to invite your friends to join our Zoom meetings to share our friendship through flowers. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in our May meeting!

As always, should you need any assistance or have any concerns about membership or benefits, please feel free to email me at