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2023 05 • May Sogetsu Workshop



On May 21, 2023, Cindy Utsuginger from the Sogetsu San Fernando Valley branch held a workshop on Sogetsu Ikebana's Freestyle. She demonstrated the use of unconventional materials in flower arrangements.

Read about the Sogetsu School here >>

She began the workshop by demonstrating a large ikebana piece using dried monstera roots and branches hanging off a Kitajima-sensi vase and topping it off with calla lilies. The arrangement transformed based on the viewer's angle and emphasized the importance of mass, line, and space in the Sogetsu Freestyle technique.

Later, she demonstrated the workshop piece using sunflowers, airy Huckleberry branches, and honeycomb packaging paper as the unconventional material. As an Ikenobo student, using paper with fresh flowers was challenging but exciting. Ikebana International workshops offer exposure to various ikebana techniques, which is why I enjoy participating. Each of the 24 participants created a unique piece, which you can see in the photos.

Many thanks to Cindy for leading this workshop and sharing her expertise. Read about Cindy here >>



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