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2022 11 • November Saga Goryu Workshop



The Ikebana International November Workshop By Saga Goryu given by Alfredo Valenzuela was a big success! It was a historic moment for the Chapter, since this was the first time we were introduced to the school and “Useitai” For Standard Style, the materials are placed in the left section of the container.

Alfredo did a wonderful job presenting and demonstrating the style to us!

According to the material in the handout he shared with us, the fragrant chrysanthemum arrangement is contemplative of September 9th, the celebration of the Chrysanthemum Festival, “Chöyönosekku”.
The presentation was well prepared and it seemed everyone enjoyed making their beautiful arrangements. Later Alfredo went around to critique the arrangements and give us the finer points of how we can make them even closer to being an “Useitai”!.

Many thanks to Alfredo Valenzuela for showing us the Saga Goryu Standard Style, and doing a specular job presenting it to us! Also many thanks to all the members who attended and all the people who were able to help clean up after the workshop. Enjoy photos from the day below.

To learn more about Alfredo, read his profile here:


Leonard & Fukuyo

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