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2022 10 • October Sogetsu Workshop



Succulent Planting Ikebana by Kaz Kitajima from Sogetsu LA

Thank you to everyone who attended the October Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter #4 Workshop: Succulent Planting Ikebana by Kaz Kitajima from Sogetsu LA. I'm grateful to Kitajima-sensei for putting together such a unique class for our group. Also I enjoyed making great memories with each of you. Huge thanks to Roberta, Katy, Jan, Kiwa, Alfredo, Camille for sharing photos from the day and of their ikebana. Send what your arrangements look like at home by emailing them to

Please follow Kitajima Sensei's information on how to raise them. Here are key points from Kitajima-sensei to keeping your succulent Ikebana alive and healthy.

Key Points from Kitajima-Sensei

1) 当日すぐに100mlほど水を掛ける。 Add 100ml of water on the day you made it.
2) 週に一回位、soil をさわって,乾いている様でしたら水をあげる(多過ぎず、少な過ぎず About once a week, touch the soil and add water if it seems dry (not too much, 50ml )
3) 水をかけすぎると、枯れる。Too much water will dry it out.
4) スプレイヤーを使っても良い。You can use water sprayer.
5) 水に栄養剤を混ぜても良い、例えばHB-101など。You can also add nutrients to the water, such as HB-101.
6)週に4~5日は、外の日向(ひなた)に置く。特に冬は、根が休んでいるので、水を控え目にし、霜の降りるところには置かない。夏は、半日陰に置きましょう。Place it outside in the sun for 4-5 days a week. Especially in winter, when the roots are dormant, water sparingly and keep out of frost. In summer, keep it in semi-shade.
7) 根が出始めると、大きくなりますのでその場合は切り下げる、小さくして切り落とした枝で新しいサキュラントを作りましょう。 When the roots start to appear, it will grow, so cut it down and make a new succulent from the cut off branches.

To learn more about Kaz, read his profile here:



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