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2022 09 • September Ikebana Demonstration



The new fiscal year has commenced for Ikebana International Los Angeles. 40 people were able to attend the demonstration on Sunday, September 18, 2022 at the Pacific Asia Museum. Thank you to all of our demonstrators: Chinyun, Valeria, Leonard, Jessica, Toko, Rei, Hetty and Hiromi. They shared floral works of art from their Ikebana Schools: Ikenobo, Sangetsu, Sogetsu and Ohara.

Additional thanks must be extended to our board members and committee members. The lovely photos from the day were taken by Glen and Leonard. The board would like to recognize Hong for joining the Hospitality Committee led by Cynthia. I appreciate everyone’s dedication to fostering “friendship through flowers.” If you would like to join a committee please reach out to any board member.

Seeing the September program allows me to reflect on my public speaking journey. The first time I participated in a demonstration was for this Chapter at this meeting. I was so scared and barely spoke. When I was done, I realized it wasn’t so bad. However I took it on as a challenge to learn and improve with each opportunity. I appreciate the safe space this group allows members like me to gain confidence in front of an audience while sharing their Ikebana. Any member is welcome to participate in our demonstrations. If you are interested, please let me know in your reply.



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