September Meeting

Time: Sep 20, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Time

via Zoom


We have 4 short demonstration videos created by ikebana masters from our II Los Angeles Chapter.


The first demonstrator is Jessica Tang, member of the Ikebana Ikenobo Society of Los Angeles.  She started studying in 2005 and currently teaches the San Marino League Ikebana Ikenobo Class at The Huntington Library. She is the current President of the Los Angeles Chapter of Ikebana International.


Noriko Naruishi is the demonstrator for Ohara School of Ikebana.  She holds a First Master degree in the Ohara School and is Vice President of the Ohara LA Chapter.  Noriko is a member of the North American Ohara Teachers Association, and the Ikebana Teacher’s Association of Southern California.  She’s been teaching for over two decades and has weekly classes.


Representing Sangetsu Ikebana is Valeria Brinkers.  She started learning Ikebana 35 years ago in Brazil and became an instructor in 1993 after she moved to the United States.  She received her Assistant Professor position in Japan in 2010, and Professor title, which is the highest level in Sangetsu,  in 2017.  Valeria is the past President of the Los Angeles Chapter of Ikebana International.


Cindy Utzinger is the demonstrator for Sogetsu Ikebana San Fernando Valley Branch.  She is the Deputy Director of that Branch and has been studying ikebana with Kyoko Kassarjian for 14 years.  Cindy holds a Second Grade Sogetsu teaching certificate.  She’s been a teaching assistant to Kyoko Sensei at her UCLA Sogetsu classes for many years.  Cindy is passionate about ikebana and her goal is to teach in the future.

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